At QBC we find disused quarry systems for conversion into pumped storage batteries.

A pumped storage battery can store enormous amounts of energy, and release it very quickly. Two quarries are required, one at higher altitude than the other. When the Grid has spare electricity, the battery charges by pumping water to the upper quarry. At peak times the water is released through a hydro generator turbine. Peak electricity is more useful and hence more valuable than off-peak electricity.

UK energy strategy will increase the amount of electricity generated by Wind farms and Nuclear power stations, making it more difficult to balance supply and demand across the Grid. Nuclear power stations cannot be turned down at night, and Wind farms are not as predictable as standard power stations. Therefore grid-scale batteries are an essential part of an efficient and renewable UK energy supply.

Powered by electricity, pumped storage batteries produce no smoke and do not require fuel deliveries. Once the quarries have been made water tight and connected with a pipe, a properly maintained facility will work indefinitely.

On 2nd September 2013, Gywnedd Council granted us planning permission on our first site at Glyn Rhonwy, Llanberis, and are looking for partners to build and operate the facility.